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Brad - Honeymoon Hacker




I believe strongly that everyone should take the opportunity to have the honeymoon of their dreams.  Using travel rewards can make vacations simple, satisfying, and inexpensive.


I was standing during a warm evening overlooking the Adriatic Sea sipping wine with my wife. 

We had been married for about a week and a half.  We had started our honeymoon in the south of France before venturing on to Italy over a span of three weeks. 

This is the way to start a marriage.  A long, wonderful honeymoon spent seeing some of the great treasures of the Europe, eating fantastic food, and bathing in the sun (not in Venice, that came earlier in the trip…and later).  Never before and never since have I taken a vacation as long or as wonderful as that one. 

While we were sipping our wine, a large tour group of Americans was next to us in Venice, which was and probably still is overrun
with tourists. We struck up a conversation with a nice couple that appeared to be in their 50s.  They were celebrating their 25th anniversary with a Rick Steves European tour of Italy. 

The tour groups vacation was much shorter than ours, around 11 days if I remember right.  But also, much more expensive that our trip.  I had pieced together a three week vacation using airline and hotel reward points. 

On the train the next day, I imagined what would become this website.  Help couples like us, newly married, thrifty, and with a love of travel — how to do it better, and if not
better, at least cheaper. Enjoy!