6 Reasons Why A Honeymoon Hack is a Great Solution for You

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1) You Like to Save Money

The average honeymoon costs $4,477 according to Forbes.   Couples should start their lives together in as strong of a position as possible.  By not spending money on your honeymoon, you have more money to put towards paying down student loans or saving up to buy a house.  A honeymoon hack allows you to take a fantastic vacation for a fraction of its sticker price.  This is a great bargain for you and a great way to start off your life together on a fantastic vacation.

2) You’d Like More than Just a Few % Back on Wedding Expenses

Weddings are notoriously expensive, according to the real weddings survey from theknot.com, the average cost was $33,900 in 2019.  Ouch.  Even with a strong 2% cash back credit card like the Citi Double Cash, the cash back earned would only be $678.  By utilizing a Honeymoon Hack for just a portion of that spending, you can easily earn $3,000+ of travel rewards to be used on your honeymoon.   

Travel expenses are also significantly easier to save on those wedding expenses.  Trust me; I turned over every rock trying to save money on my wedding and on most line items, I failed.  I paid an absurd amount for someone to cut our cake and to uncork wine. But the credit card and travel industry have created an environment that you can save a significant amount of money by utilizing travel branded credit cards. 

So, the goal is to save in areas where it is easy, it is much easier to save on travel costs than wedding costs.  Earn more than just the 2% back on a credit card, you can earn closer to 20% back by following one of our Honeymoon Hacks.

3) You’d Like to Take a Fantastic Honeymoon

Honeymoon Hack

Travel rewards suit almost any kind of couple’s travel plans.  Prefer a beach vacation, we have plenty of those.  Fancy a European tour, we have a number of those as well.  Are you only looking for a quick domestic getaway, pick from these.  The major US airlines and partners serve nearly any market you’d ever want to visit.  The major hotel chains have properties around the world.  There is a bit of planning to make sure your dream vacation aligns with your honeymoon hack plan, but with all of the options, there is sure to be something that fits your vacation dreams.

4) You Have a High Credit Score

Travel hacking can be done by anyone. But, it really helps significantly to have a high credit score. Many of the credit cards utilized in the Honeymoon Hacks are marketed and reserved for high earners or people with higher credit scores. It isn’t impossible for individuals with lower credit scores or thin credit history to follow these guides for heavily discounted honeymoon trips, but it is more difficult.

Your credit score is a calculated by five major factors:

Payment History (35%)

Amount Owed (30%)

Length of Credit History (15%)

New Credit (10%)

Type of Credit Used (10%)

The actual formula is proprietary to FICO, but this is approximate and directionally correct.  When you open up new credit cards, you negatively impact the “new credit” buckets and decrease the average “length of credit history”.  If you are diligent and pay all of your balances, your payment history will remain excellent and credit utilization or “amount owed” will actually improve. 

Unless you are looking to make a large purchase with credit, like a house or car, then the credit score dip from applying for a few new credit cards is unlikely to be very consequential.  Even if you are interested in a car or house, oftentimes the credit score needed to be offered the lowest rates ranges from 720 to 760, so you may have some downside room.

5) You Would Enjoy more luxury or a longer vacation than what you would pay for

One fantastic aspect of a Honeymoon Hack is that you are able to travel for longer or more luxuriously than if you were paying retail prices.  Travel is expensive if you let it be expensive.  At Honeymoon Hacker, it is our goal to help couples plan and execute their dream honeymoons.  To me, a two week vacation is superior to a one week vacation, so we’ve presented Honeymoon Hacks aligned with longer vacations. 

By analyzing the different options at a destination, we’ve tried to find the best points bargains, offering the highest amount of luxury for a reasonable amount of points.    

6) You Feel Good When Your Planning is Rewarded

A Honeymoon Hack is a great option for planners.  If you are a planner, like travel, and like bargains, this is your jam.  Your planning is rewarded, handsomely.  Even if you aren’t that much of a planner, but you can follow any of our Honeymoon Hack itineraries and guides, then you will be a success as well.

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